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Sell Your Car By Auction

Sell your car by letting our network of dealers bid for your car LIVE!

Sell Your Used Car

We help you sell your car to the highest offer from dealers with no fees and obligations!

Scrap/Export Your Car

We link you to our network of dealers, sourcing the highest quote and get back to you within a day!

Car Consignment

We help you consign your car, selling your car at the highest price possible!


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No Obligations

No obligations in selling your car if quote is not of satisfaction.

Highest Quote

100 over dealers particpating in quoting for your used car.


We look for the best valuation for your car, while you stay at home.

Free Service

Free of charge service with no hidden fees.

What SGCarTrade Is About

It is now easy to get the price you wanted for your car! SGCarTrade is dedicated to accommodating our local clients in the most hassle-free way of selling or buying a used car, including car rental. Leaving them satisfied beyond their expectations with our convenient services. 

We help you sell your used car fast by connecting with the right scrap car shop and dealers in Singapore for the highest possible price or arranging a car consignment deal for a price point that you desire! We also include many other easy processing accommodating services that consist of used cars for export trading or a car scrapping to immediately acquire the best value that you are looking for.

With only a simple call away, transactions of their cars will be efficiently completed right away. Delivering your desired results quickly.

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