How To Put A Used Car for Sale in Singapore?

Multiple ways to put used car for sale.


There are many ways to put your used car for sale in Singapore. The most common way would be listing your car online, example through sgcarmart, or through the popular app Carousell. These platforms assist greatly on the sale of your used car.

Getting on with used car for sale Singapore isn’t a bad idea. Estimating the PARF rebate and comparing COE becomes a top-notch way to determine. Some prefer auctioning as the multi-faceted way of exposing the car for a good price, but there has to be a cap on it. Listing on a used car on websites such as sgcarmart.com lets you advertise the car to thousands or more viewers each day! The way to determine the price of the car is always through market price, estimate how much dealers are selling your type of car with the same registration year, and post them up at a slightly lower price and a sale is almost guaranteed in time to come. This method is always focused on selling to direct buyers.

However, you may consider your selling your used car to dealers, which saves the hassle of LTA documentation! However be prepared to be offered a price lower than market price, this is so that dealers that buy your car can put up to be part of the used car for sale in Singapore.

These professionals are kind of facilitators (completely legal) for helping you to sell used car Singapore within a group of dealers. What’s the main reason for hiring is the amount you may want to receive for the car’s appropriate value. However, selling your car to a dealer will always end up at a lower price compared to selling to direct buyers. Dealers have to earn their profits and make a living and hence will quote a price that is slightly lower than market price.

So, do they offer you a lucrative price? Well, that depends on your car’s body value and PARF rebate. If your car qualifies these criteria, you can get on with it and receive the right resale value. Besides, you can avoid paperwork and hassle for selling your car to a dealer. Meanwhile, they will provide options for scrapping policy and COE renewals.

Get your used car sold by sending us your details and we will find the highest quote for you through our network of dealers!

SGCarTrade is a free online platform to source for the highest quote for your used car. Sell your car or scrap your car can never be easier than this through our free service, with no fees and obligations. Our network of dealers will bid for your car within 1 working day! You have the option to watch your car bids LIVE on our website by selling your car through auction. Rest assured and be at ease while we do the job for you. 

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