Pros and Cons of renting a car in Singapore

car rental singapore

Pros and Cons of renting a car in Singapore

In Singapore, car rental services varies in types of vehicles, duration and prices. So what contributes to a higher cost of renting a car in Singapore?

  1. The branding of the car, such as luxury car brands like BMW, Mercedes or Lexus, which are popularly used for Weddings.
  2. The passenger capacity of the car. Higher number of passengers that can be carried equals increase in cost.
  3. The duration of the car, increasing in cost from renting daily to yearly.

Hence, car rental in Singapore provides essential amount of services that can aid Singaporeans for their individual wants and needs.

The Pros of renting a car Singapore includes:

  1. Owning a car is no longer required.

Renting a car defeats the need of hassle paperwork in buying them, as well as forking out a high price in downpayment for buying a car in Singapore.

  1. Quality Service.

Companies in Singapore provides insurance in each of their rental cars, saving the hassle of buying insurance. Services provided includes maintenance of the car, to any accident claims of the car.

  1. Wide selection of cars to choose from.

Many Car rental companies provide different brands and uses of their cars, suiting the individual needs of customers, from short term, long term, wedding or even private hire cars.

  1. Wedding cars decorations.

Rental companies that provide wedding cars occasionally includes decorations of the car, or even lucky car plate numbers.

However, renting car in Singapore comes with their cons which some people will be wary of.

The Cons of car rental in Singapore includes:

  1. Strict terms and conditions.

In some rental companies, it is their policy to provide stringent conditions. Perhaps this is intended so that customers are careful in using the vehicles that they have rented. However, this should only be considered on a conditional basis. Some people may find this very inconvenient which can affect the reputation of that particular agency.

  1. High cost incurred compared to owning a car.

Depending on the type of car rented, the cost of renting a car in Singapore in long terms could possibly be higher than buying a car in Singapore.

  1.  Having rented a car, punctual payments must be paid to the rental company depending on their conditions, failure to do so could lead to late payment charges, or even demanding the rental car to be returned to them until payment is completed.

Ultimately, renting a car in Singapore will always depend on the individual needs, whether is it affordable and worth. Check out some of the rental cars on our website!

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