How Do I Sell My Car in Singapore At A Great Price?

Sell a Car Singapore sgcartrade

Nearing COE expiry prompts car owners to sell their cars at satisfying prices. However, not everyone is lucky to enjoy this luxury of getting the ‘right’ price. This guide will help you on how you can do that with a few easy steps.

Selling your car to a fellow Singaporean is rather easy than selling it internationally. If you are wondering – how to sell a car Singapore -you can do the following.

  • Search for car listing for sale platforms online

Some popular portals like Carousell are listing platforms, where you can add the details like car model/make, license plate number, car registration date, COE expiry, selling price, mileage, service history, and good snaps of your car.

The downside of these platforms is they may or may not get you the selling price you ‘want’ or may have imagined when you put a selling price.

  • Visit an online car marketplace

Unlike car listing websites, you have a wide scope of selling your car to dealers across the globe at the price you will love to sell. Ensuring a solid car selling service Singapore, these marketplaces reduce the burden on your back by directly routing to the dealers with exciting quotations for your car.

After comparing their quotes, you can decide to sell your car at a price suitable for you. Besides, the dealers will handle the paperwork on your behalf, reducing any intensive activity on your side.

SGCarTrade is a free online platform to source for the highest quote for your used car. Sell your car or scrap your car can never be easier than this through our free service, with no fees and obligations. Our network of dealers will bid for your car within 1 working day! You have the option to watch your car bids LIVE on our website by selling your car through auction. Rest assured and be at ease while we do the job for you. 

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