Why Exporting A Used Car from Singapore May Not Be A Great Idea?

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Exporting a car requires a daunting list of obligations that may fall through midway. However, there’s an ideal solution to export your car without worries. Read to know more.

Registration with issuance agency, activating your customs account, prepare documents to be submitted, etc. is what it takes for someone to sell their cars. We assume that you don’t have that much time when you said – I want to export my car Singaporeright?

Most of the car owners want to sell/scrap their cars when the COE expiry nears. We recommend car owners to prepare all of these things 2-3 or even 4 weeks before because it may take time. Once you get your car deregistered, you cannot move an inch without re-registration. Additionally, you may have to pay a towing van the costs for moving your car.

Nevertheless, there’s an ideal way to export-sell your car. The Singapore car export price would depend on the quotes offered by different dealers. You can connect with a professional car broker to help you find the best price quotes on your car, especially depending on the make/model of car, demand, condition, and other factors.

Why is it useful? Since you can avoid a long to-do list, given the dealers will handle the paperwork on their side, you will enjoy complete peace of mind while getting the right price for your vehicle. All you need to do is submit your car’s details or particulars with the broker or vendor.

SGCarTrade is a free online platform to source for the highest quote for your used car. Sell your car or scrap your car can never be easier than this through our free service, with no fees and obligations. Our network of dealers will bid for your car within 1 working day! You have the option to watch your car bids LIVE on our website by selling your car through auction. Rest assured and be at ease while we do the job for you. 

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