Factors To Consider For Wedding Car Rentals In Singapore

Wedding car rental singapore

There are many considerations that couples should think about before renting a wedding car in Singapore for their perfect day to come. This guide will help you in choosing the perfect car.

  1. Price of the wedding car.

Price is one of the main factors when renting a car, and couple should always compare prices from different rental companies.

  • Time duration.

The time duration decides how much will the car rental rate be, the longer the duration, the higher the price.

  • Suitability.

Not all cars are suitable to the theme of the couple’s wedding. Consider the colour or the brand of the car so that it fits the theme perfectly.

  • Number of cars to rent.

Not just a wedding car for the couple, but couples should consider renting additional cars for groomsmen and bridesmaid if applicable.

Questions couples should ask themselves.

  1. Does the car include with a chauffeur?
  2. How long do I need the car for?
  3. Are there any cheaper options?
  4. Can the car rental company provide wedding flower decorations?
  5. Are there any extra charge if time is exceeded?
  6. How much downpayment is required?

Additional factors to consider.

  1. Consider making a trip to test the traffic on the same time and day of the week as that of your wedding. This is to plan sufficient time accordingly when travelling from point A to point B. Add an allowance time for every trip in an event of traffic congestions.
  2. Consider renting additional cars, for the bridal party travelling needs. There may come a time where there could be an emergency like forgetting to bring something from the house, and this when your bridal party member will assist you and have the necessary means to do so.
  3. Some companies do not provide wedding car decorations, or even provide them but you have to decorate yourselves. Consider finding a wedding car rental company that can help you decorate the car, and all you have to do is collect the car and prepare it for wedding day.
  4. Consider the maintenance of the car. When viewing the car, make sure the car is well maintained and cleaned, as couples who are wearing your wedding outfits, to prevent stains on the outfits. At the same time, the car must be free from major defects, such as worn out tyres or poor paintwork, this could potentially cause problems during the wedding day.

It is crucial to choose the perfect wedding car, as one wrong car could ruin the start of the wedding day. Wedding car rental in Singapore provides many different types of cars, consider looking through our website for different types of cars for your wedding day!

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