What To Look For When Picking Up And Returning A Car To A Car Rental Service In Singapore? (International Only)

Car Rental Services in Singapore for international guests

After having all the papers successfully completed, you are given the keys to the car, the rental agreement and, if necessary, a navigator. Of course, they will tell you the number of the parking lot and show the direction of movement. Very often, along with documents and keys, a printed diagram of the path to the parking lot is offered and the place where your car is standing is marked. If you haven’t been given such a card, ask them to draw – either on paper or on an envelope with documents – the path to the parking and the number of the parking space.

Be sure to ask where you will need to return the car. Of course, most often, when approaching, for example, the airport, you will need to follow the “RENT CAR RETURN” sign, but if you pick up and return the car outside the airport, you will be more comfortable knowing where to return the car. Often in the navigators that are issued by car rental companies, the default return address is programmed.

You may safely get to your car, load things, be prepared for the road, install a navigator. It is very important to immediately check whether the cigarette lighter is working, from which you are going to recharge the navigator, phone and other devices. If the cigarette lighter does not work, you have the right to rely on a replacement car. This is a very common breakdown, because, as a rule, in rental cars the cigarette lighter is not used for its intended purpose, but to recharge the devices, which leads to its breakdown. This is a feature of car cigarette lighters. Agree that to notice this breakdown, already far from the place of issue of the car, is not very pleasant, as well as being left without a power source for phones and navigators. Car Rental in Singapore for locals is different compared to international foreigners, read here to find out more!

Take photos of the rental car from different angles

And one more useful tip: take some photos of your car before you start your journey. As a rule, these are 8 photos, 4 sides of the car and 4 corners. If you take a car in a country like Singapore with a very hot climate, pay attention to the instrument panel and the car dashboard: quite often, these parts can crack and burst due to strong heating.

Return the car to the rental company.

Do not forget to refuel the car if you must return it with a full tank, or try to return the car with the least amount of fuel if you must return it empty. Refuel 5-3 liters of fuel if you are afraid not to reach the point of delivery of the car.

When stopping at a rental car parking lot (as a rule, cars of several companies are stored at this parking lot), make sure that you put the car in the place assigned to your company. In some cases, employees who take the cars of all the rental companies in one place work at these parking lots. Check if you left your belongings in the car (it is rather difficult to return them later due to the flow of customers), hand over the keys to the company employee. An employee of the company will check the external condition of the car, mileage, fuel availability. After he says that everything is in order, you can safely leave, while the car rental agreement should remain with you. If you rent a car after hours, then at your service “Key Box” works at most stations around the clock, a simple box with a slot for documents and keys. It can also be a slot in the car pick-up counter, a slot in the office door, etc. Please note that if you rent the car after hours, you should always know in advance where the car parking and the “Key Box” are located.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers regarding car rental in Singapore

What does a car rental offer include?

  • Each car rental company in Singapore has its own rental conditions. All additional options included in the rental price, in each case, may be different.

What documents do I need to get a car?

  • Upon receipt of the rental car, you must present: a passport, a credit card, a voucher, an ordinary driver’s license and an international driving license. All these documents must be registered with the main driver.

What should I have a driver’s license?

  • In order not to get into a difficult situation, we recommend that you always carry an international driving license + your regular driver’s license. The age of the driver who can use the car rental services in Singapore is from 21 to 75 years old (exceptions are possible). Driving experience should be at least 2 years (in some cases – 1 year).

I want to pay for my car rental in cash – can I do this?

  • You can pay by car with credit cards: VISA Classic / Gold, AMEX, Mastercard. Cash is not accepted.

What kind of bank card do I need to pay for a rental company?

  • For payment you can use credit cards: VISA Classic / Gold, AMEX, MasterCard. Plastic cards like VISA Electron, Maestro, and Diners are not accepted. Please note that for the rental of certain types of vehicles, two credit cards may be required.

Can I use a plastic card issued to another person to pay the rent?

  • No, you cannot pay for a car rental with a plastic card issued to another person. Please note that the card on which the deposit will be blocked, as well as the card that will be used for car rental, must be issued in the name of the main driver.

I want to rent a car for a business trip and pay the rent with a corporate plastic card – can I do this?

  • Yes, you can pay for your car rental with a corporate plastic card issued in your name. Please note that the card on which the deposit will be blocked must also be issued in the name of the main driver.

How can I reduce the franchise for a car?

  • Upon receipt of the car, you can purchase various additional options, including various super-insurance options. Buying super insurance, you reduce the amount of the deductible, in some cases – to zero.

Is the deposit blocked when renting a car?

  • Yes, when you receive a car, the deposit is blocked on the main driver’s credit card in accordance with international rules.

How long does it take to unlock a deposit?

  • Usually, it takes 3 to 30 days to unlock a deposit. We recommend that you contact your bank in case of delay.

Can I get a rental car later than the time specified in the voucher?

  • In case of any changes and delays, we recommend contacting the rental company indicated in your voucher, or contact Bookingcar.su to clarify the time of issue of the car.

I want to rent a car after hours – is this possible?

  • You can get your rental car at any time, but you will have to pay for this service according to the tariffs of the rental company.

Out of office hours pay – what is it?

  • The issuance of a rental car after hours is a paid service. You need to pay this option at the time of receiving the car, at the rates of the rental company.

Do I need to provide the rental service with a flight number?

  • If you indicated the flight number of the rental company on your reservation, it will be easier to track your flight. If your flight is delayed, the rental company has the ability to track arrival time. Without a flight number, the dealer can assume that you did not show up and provide the car to another client.

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