How Much Does It Cost To Be A Car Owner In Singapore?

How much does it cost to buy a car in singapore?

Singapore is constantly increasing investment in the public transport sector and reducing the number of new car permits in order to reduce car sales and avoid environmental pollution in Singapore, as a fast-growing economy increases the purchasing power of residents. In 2010, the Prime Minister of Singapore promised to invest 60 billion Singapore dollars in the expansion of the subway. The government is striving to make public transportation the “number one choice” for Singaporeans.

Singapore car buyers must pay excise and registration fees of 150% of the market value of the vehicle, and buyers must apply for a limited number of government permits called COE (Certificate of Entitlement – permit program to reduce the number of private cars in the country) that allow you to use the car for 10 years.

Next, you can see the taxation for cars in Singapore.

For cars registered after September 1, 1998:

Registration fee140 SGD (Singapore dollars)
Additional registration fee (ARF)130% of market value¹
110% of market value
100% of market value³
Certificate of Entitlement (COE)Category A, B or E Application
Excise duty20% of market value
ResourceFor educational vehicles – 10 years *

Benefits for eco-friendly cars in Singapore

The National Environmental Protection Agency of Singapore has developed a scheme whereby eco-cars can receive benefits.

New cars in Singapore and taxes on them

Fuel typeRegistration datePrivilege
Compressed natural gasOctober 1, 2006 – December 31, 2012Benefit for an additional contribution upon registration 40% of the market value
Petrol gas
Gasoline electricity

For Singapore imported and used cars

Fuel typeRegistration datePrivilege
Gasoline electricityJuly 1, 2010 – December 31, 2012Benefit for an additional contribution upon registration 40% of the market value

Cars supported by no more than 3 years can be imported to Singapore. Also, for supported cars, an amount of 10,000 SGD will be charged.

CO2 emission chart for cars

Cars with low CO2 emissions will be subject to tax deductions for additional registration fees (ARF). For vehicles with high CO2 emissions, an appropriate contribution will be established.

The CO2 emissions scheme will replace the existing benefits for eco-cars from January 1, 2013, and will apply to all new and imported registered cars from January 1, 2013. Benefits under the CO2 scheme will enter into force on January 1, 2013, and the contribution will enter into force on July 1, 2013.

ClassEmissions (CO2 g / km)Benefits * (from January 1, 2013)Contribution (from July 1, 2013)
A10 to 10020,000 SGD
A2101 to 12015,000 SGD
A3121 to 14010,000 SGD
A4141 to 1605,000 SGD
B161 to 2100 SGD0 SGD
C1211 to 2305,000 SGD
C2231 to 25010,000 SGD
C3251 to 27015,000 SGD
C4271 and above20,000 SGD

Additional Registration Fee (ARF) Benefits

When a car is deregistered, benefits may be applied to the additional registration fee if the age of the car does not exceed 10 years. Benefits are calculated based on the date of deregistration after the date of the first registration of the car (age of the car). For imported used cars before September 1, 2007, these exemptions do not apply.

Vehicle age when deregisteredBenefits
(For cars registered after May 2002)
No more than 5 years75% of paid ARF
from 5 years to 6 years70% of paid ARF
from 6 years to 7 years65% of paid ARF
From 7 years to 8 years60% of paid ARF
8 to 9 years old55% of paid ARF
From 9 years to 10 years50% of paid ARF
More than 10 yearsNo benefits

Singapore Road Tax

For cars powered by gasoline, gas, diesel or gasoline-gas engines

Engine power (EC) in cm3Formula 6 monthly road tax
(from July 2008)
EC< 600200 SGD x 0.782
600 < EC< 1,000[200 SGD + 0.125 x (EC — 600)] x 0.782
1,000 < EC< 1,600[250 SGD + 0.375 (EC — 1,000)] x 0.782
1,600 < EC< 3,000[475 SGD + 0.75 (EC — 1,600)] x 0.782
EC > 3,000[1,525 SGD + 1 (EC — 3,000)] x 0.782

For diesel vehicles there is an additional tax that is added to the road tax.

Emission rateSpecial tax rateNotes
Pre-Euro IVSix times the tax of the same gasoline engine.
Euro IVFour times the tax of the same gasoline-powered car.from January 1, 2006 to June 30, 2008
Euro IV0.625 SGD per cm3 for 6 months, the minimum amount to pay is 625 SGDSince July 1, 2008
Euro V0.625 SGD per cm3 for 6 months, the minimum amount to pay is 625 SGDfrom July 1, 2008 to December 31, 2012
Euro V0.20 SGD per cm3 for 6 months, the minimum amount for payment is 200 SGDFrom January 1, 2013

Road tax for electric vehicles or cars with a gasoline-electric engine

Benzo electric cars use a combination of a conventional gasoline engine and an electric motor to operate. The amount of road tax depends on the power of a gasoline engine or electric motor, depending on which power from the engines is higher.

Formula 6 monthly road tax in Singapore
(From July 1, 2008)
Power PR (kW)Road tax
PR <7.5200 SGD x 0.782
7.5 < PR< 32.5[200 SGD + 2 (PR-7.5)] x 0.782
32.5 < PR< 70[250 SGD + 6 (PR-32.5)] x 0.782
70 < PR< 157.5[475 SGD + 12 (PR-70)] x 0.782
PR> 157.5[1,525 SGD + 16 (PR-157.5)] x 0.782

Additional contribution to the road tax (for vehicles older than 10 years)

Car ageAnnual fee
Over 10 years old10% of the road tax
Over 11 years old20% of the road tax
Over 12 years old30% of the road tax
Over 13 years old40% of the road tax
Over 14 years old50% of the road tax

Payment of road tax after its expiration.

If you pay the road tax late, you will be charged a penalty.

Engine power cm3Penalty for late payment (1 month)Penalties (> 1 month)Commission (> 2.5 months)Additional penalties (> 3 months)
<1,00010 SGD50 SGD15 SGD150 SGD
1,001 — 1,60020 SGD50 SGD15 SGD150 SGD
1,601 — 2,00030SGD50 SGD15 SGD150 SGD
2,001 — 3,00040SGD50 SGD15 SGD150 SGD
> 300150SGD50 SGD15 SGD150 SGD

Using a car with unpaid road tax in Singapore is a crime. Late fees will be charged from the day the road tax expires. An escalation of additional penalties and fines will be introduced if the tax remains unpaid.

An arrest warrant will be issued after 2.5 months after the expiration of the road tax. If the road tax remains unpaid, the Land Transport Authority will sue the car owner. An arrested car will be auctioned to cover the necessary taxes and fees.

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