8 Fun Facts About Your Car License Plate Number

8 Fun Facts About Your Car Plate Number

When all is said in done, it is compulsory for all vehicles to have their license plates introduced at the guard and back in a readable and noticeable way. Be that as it may, would you say you are mindful that the color plan, prefix, and suffix of a license plate each represents different importance? In this article, we talk about the sorts of license plates in Singapore.


1. Prefix And Suffix

License plates for private cars began with a solitary prefix ‘S’. Be that as it may, it wasn’t some time before the growing car populace forced a need to expand a suffix letter after the ‘S’ – from ‘SA’ to ‘SY’ – except for SH, which is saved for taxis.

After the single suffix was depleted, private car plates started to begin with a solitary ‘E’, approaching ‘EZ’ before the ‘S’ arrangement took over again – this time around with two sequential suffix letters, beginning from ‘SBA’.

SBS: Busses worked by SBS Transit.

SEP: Short for Singapore Elected president, it is the official state car for the country.

SMB: Busses worked by SMRT transports. Before the merger of SMRT and Trans Island Bus Service, the last carried the prefix ‘TIB’.

SJ: cars for Judges from the Supreme Court. SJ1 is utilized by the Chief of Justice.

To abstain from shaping words that may prompt offensive suppositions, the Land Transport Authority chose to avoid the utilization of vowels in the second letter of the three-letter suffix. For instance, when the ‘SDZ’ grouping ran out in 2003, the ‘SE’ arrangement was skipped and ‘SFA’ was utilized.

The ‘SI’ arrangement was avoided a couple of years after the fact, and moreover, ‘SO’ and ‘SU’ won’t be actualized later on. Be that as it may, other than running in the sequential and numeric requests, car proprietors can likewise decide to offer for a previous plate number or one that carries a propitious number.

LTA: Bikes worked by the Enforcement Department of the Land Transport Authority.

MID: Vehicles worked by the Singapore Armed Forces. Up to five digits are utilized before this suffix

MP: Vehicles worked by the Military Police Command from the Singapore Armed Forces.

Dad, PB, PC, PH, PZ: These were utilized to isolate private transports, private recruit vehicles, etc, however, later on, all private-enlist vehicles were given with PA plates.

PU: Vehicles that are tax excluded and utilized only on the island of Pulau Ubin.

QX: Vehicles worked by crisis and law authorization offices, for example, the Singapore Police Force and Singapore Civil Defense Force

RD: For cars utilized in Research and Development ventures, for example, power device and electric cars

RU: For Restricted Use vehicles that are absolved from street tax. These vehicles are just permitted inside specific regions, for example, mechanized cable cars that are utilized to ship guests at the zoo.


2. Types Of Colors Utilized In Number Plates

Other than the utilization of letters, colors are utilized to differentiate the sorts of plans that a particular vehicle is enlisted under.

Typical private enlisted car plates come in two kinds of color plans – either dark with white composition on both front and back, or white plate with dark composition at the front and yellow plate with dark composition at the back.

For cars enrolled under the off-top plan, they will bear red plates with white composition on both front and back. These cars compensation lower street tax and are just permitted on the streets during off-top hours, which is before 7:00 am and after 7:00 pm on weekdays before 7:00 am and after 3:00 pm on Saturdays, and entire days on Sundays and public occasions.


3. Unique Plates

Some unique plates you may discover on the streets, in case you’re sufficiently fortunate to, are mixes like EV1L, EK80Y, and Q69M, which were previously enlisted as organization cars. Organization cars these days run normal ‘S’ plates.


4. Bids For License Plates

Indeed, you read it right! In addition to the fact that we have to offer for a COE, we additionally need to offer our vehicle enrollment number as well. Offer entries can be made online at One Motoring. The base offer is S$1,000, and the sum must be in products of S$1. Do take note that offers can’t be corrected or pulled back upon accommodation.

Then again, in the event that you are on the chase for unique or vintage license plates, look no further. With their gigantic database of exceptionally looked for after license plates, you will undoubtedly locate the ideal one at car plate Singapore.


5. Normalized Lettering Dimensions



Source: onemotoring

It is of fundamental significance that each driver arranges with the normalized lettering measurements for their car license plates. All things considered, drivers are relied upon to meet the accompanying necessities:

  • All letters and digits must be 70mm high, 50mm wide and 10mm wide, and 20mm separated from one another.
  • The space between connecting letters or between bordering digits must be 10mm.
  • The space from the closest piece of each letter and digit to the top or base of the vehicle license plate must be 10mm. While the space from the closest piece of each letter and digit to the side of the vehicle license plate must be 20mm.

6. Colour Of Their Car License Plates

The uniform colors for a license plate are in white lettering on a dark foundation. In any case, if the vehicle license plate is made of intelligent material, it ought to have dark lettering on a white foundation for the front, and dark lettering on a yellow foundation for the back.

In the event that your vehicle is on an uncommon plan that requires a different color for your license plate, it would be ideal if you allude to the models above for the lettering and foundation colors that you are required to have.


7. Letters On Their Car License Plates

Aside from the color plan, vehicles can likewise be differentiated as per the letters on their license plates. A normal vehicle enrollment number comes in the configuration SEL 1995 T:

S – Vehicle class (S, with certain special cases, represents a private vehicle since 1984)

EL – Alphabetical arrangement (I and O are not used to keep away from disarray with numbers 1 and 0)


8. 1995 – A Numerical Arrangement

T – Checksum letter (F, I, N, O, Q, V, and W are never utilized as checksum letters; missing on uncommon government vehicle plates and occasions vehicle plates)

While vehicles having a place with the administration have explicit letters showing up previously (prefix) and after (suffix) the car plate number. If you don’t mind allude to the models here for a superior comprehension.

Ultimately, on the off chance that you have some other fascinating facts on car license plates, it would be ideal if you don’t hesitate to transfer them in the remark area underneath!



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