Singapore Driving License: How Much Does It Cost?

Singapore Driving License: How Much Does It Cost?

Since one of the driving centers is situated in Ubi, straightforwardly down the street from the ComfortDelGro Driving Center (CDC), we regularly observe a lot of cars with the ‘L’ sign driving around. Watching them out and about is a scary thought, given that it is a mechanical region with a lot of substantial traffic and the way that it costs a bomb to get a driving license in Singapore.

The choice of picking between figuring out how to drive an automatic (Class 3A) and manual (Class 3) is totally up to you. The basic actuality is, figuring out how to drive a manual car is a lot harder (as an individual who did it can let you know) than an automatic car. Be that as it may, with a Class 3 license, you can drive both automatic and manual cars, while with a Class 3A license, you can just drive the previous.

Starting Point And Enrolment

Before you even get the choice between the two, you have to at any rate settle your Basic Theory Test (BTT) to get your Provisional Driving License (PDL). Whether or not you will be a school or private student, you should go to a driving school to finish your online hypothesis exercises and test.

The choice of driving school, preferably, ought to be whichever is generally advantageous for you. There are three driving schools in Singapore, Singapore Safety Driving Center (SSDC) in Woodlands, ComfortDelGro Driving Center (CDC) in Ubi, and Bukit Batok Driving Center (BBDC) in Bukit Batok.

For the individuals who need to take their down to earth exercises secretly, you just need to stress over an expense of S$6.50 for the BTT and Final Theory Test (FTT) each. For the individuals who need to take their down to earth exercises with the school, there will be a S$96.30 enrolment expense on the test charges.

The school enrolment charge will be legitimate for one year, so in the event that you take longer than that to pass, you should pay more. The charges for each school are as per the following:

Driving SchoolCourse Extension Fee
SSDC$48.15 (for a half year)
CDC$53.50 (for a half year)
BBDC$8.03 (for one month)

For private students, the enrolment expense will vary from teacher to educator. according to our experience, it may cost around S$70 to $80.

Back to the theory test, the expense of the online theory exercises are as per the following (it can contrast on whether it is your first endeavor at the hypothesis test):

Driving SchoolTheory Lesson Fees
SSDC$69.55 (for 4 classes)
CDC$69.55 (for 4 classes)
BBDC$17.12 (for 1 class), $68.48 (for 4 classes)

The passing rate for both BTT and FTT is 90% (45/50 or more). When you have passed your BTT, you will have the option to apply for your Provisional Driving License (PDL) online here. It will be legitimate for a long time, and you should pay S$25 for it. This PDL means you can begin taking driving exercises.

Meanwhile, you can likewise apply to take your FTT. The test charge has as of late been expanded to $6.50. You should have passed your FTT before you can book a date for your Practical Driving Test. Your FTT will be substantial for a long time. During this time, you should step through your down to earth examination and go before it lapses, or, in all likelihood, you should retake your FTT once more.

Our advice is to take the BTT and FTT consecutive. That way, you can move your hypothesis to concentrate on your commonsense driving exercises. Two years legitimacy for your FTT is quite a while, so it is strongly suggested you do that, particularly on the off chance that you are wanting to take at any rate one driving exercise seven days.

In case you’re learning by means of a Private driving Instructor (PDI), you don’t really need to do any theory exercises. Rather, you can take the theory tests whenever you need them. Be that as it may, you are prescribed to go for in any event a couple of theory preliminary tests before your official test date. These preliminary tests will assist you with getting used to the framework. In the event that your memory is adequate, you will likewise notice strikingly comparable inquiries in the real test.

Useful Driving Lessons

Driving school teachers have a fixed prospectus that they should follow. There is additionally a base number of driving lessons or an understudy is required to take before being permitted to book a driving test (TP). Driving lesson expenses fall under two classes – top and off-top.

Driving School Practical Lesson Fees

  • SSDC: $77.04 (off-top), $85.60 (top) for a 100-minute exercise
  • CDC: $68.48 (off-top), $77.04 (top) for a 100-minute exercise
  • BBDC :$68.48 (off-top), $77.04 (top) for a 100-minute exercise

For the most part, you are required to take around 20 to 25 lessons to finish the schedule. How rapidly you learn is on you and the teacher. When learning at a driving school, you will be turned between three to four educators. A few schools, as SSDC, charge an additional expense of $8.56 per meeting in the event that you need to demand a particular educator.

Once you have obtained your driving license, the next step would be buying a car! And here is what you need to know before buying a car in Singapore!

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