Can I Check My Car Log Card Details On LTA Website?

Can I Check My Car Log Card Details On LTA Website?

In the event that you own a vehicle, chances are you’re going to need to know the insights concerning it. This data, including your vehicle enrollment and proprietor subtleties, is situated in something many refer to as a vehicle log card. Here are certain things you should think about it.

LTA log card

What Is A Vehicle Log Card?

A log card, some of the time alluded to as an LTA log card or e-Log card, is a record that stores the entirety of your vehicle subtleties and points of interest.

Other than the make and model of your vehicle, the log card additionally contains indispensable data, for example, the date that you enrolled for your vehicle, COE number, IU number, and skeleton number. On the off chance that you have different cars under your name, you will have a different log card for every one of them.

Most importantly a log card will hold all your vehicle’s subtleties, for example, the vehicle type or its shading. Yet, actually, it holds considerably more than that! This article would extend excessively long on the off chance that we recorded each and every data that the log card holds, so here’s a shorter rundown of the more important ones:

  • Vehicle No.
  • Vehicle Type
  • Make/Model
  • Primary Color
  • Maximum Laden Weight
  • Unladen Weight
  • Engine No.
  • Chassis No.
  • Engine Capacity
  • IU No.
  • Passenger Capacity
  • Original Registration Date
  • Open Market Value
  • COE No.
  • COE Category
  • COE Expiry Date
  • Quota Premium (QP)

In-Vehicle Unit (Iu)

Talking about possessed vehicles, if your vehicle is enlisted in Singapore, it would no doubt have an In-Vehicle Unit (IU) introduced.

In simple terms, an IU is a gadget that stores a card with esteem inside it. IU gadgets vary with vehicle type, however, all serve a similar reason – simple, automatic exchanges.

Yet, how does the IU identify with your log card? All things considered, each IU has a number, simply named the ‘IU number’. It is a 10-digit number situated on your In-Vehicle Unit, as a rule in a sticker structure. What’s more, when it comes to stickers, they don’t normally remain clingy for exceptionally long.

Be that as it may, don’t you stress! Regardless of whether you lose the physical IU number, it is still put away securely inside your online log card.

Instructions To Retrieve Your Vehicle Log Card

This is one of the most searched points that befuddles numerous drivers. If you somehow managed to Google vehicle log card, you’d find many list items about how to recover it.

There is only one simple step, click this link and login using your Singpass!

After successfully logging in to e-Services@ONE.MOTORING, select ‘Vehicle Hub’ -> ‘Enquire & print veh reg details’ -> select the vehicle registration number of the required vehicle -> Click Next and print the details accordingly.

What Is The Log Card Used For?

What use are the means above on the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea what the log card is utilized for? All things considered, it’s utilized for an assortment of things. One of these is the trending subject of the Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP). How about we investigate some services which require the utilization of your log card.

  1. Vehicle Entry Permit (Vep)

Previously mentioned in the section above, you do require a duplicate of your vehicle log card when you register for VEP. The enlistment requires some important subtleties of your vehicle, which you may not know. That is the place the log card comes in to enable you to recollect.

You would likewise require a physical, otherwise known as printed, the duplicate of your log card to carry alongside you when you crash into Malaysia to gather your VEP-RFID tag.

Coincidentally, on the off chance that you need to keep awake-to-date with the most recent VEP news and conversation, consider joining our Telegram gathering! Our individuals are more than ready to help you with any VEP-related inquiries you may have. We additionally talk about other important issues, for example, COE, fuel checks, street occurrences, congested driving conditions, and substantially more!

  • Selling/Transfer Of Vehicle Possession

On the off chance that you settle on the choice to sell your vehicle or move its possession, be it to a utilized car dealer or directly to another purchaser, it is amazingly important to ensure that your vehicle subtleties are precise.

Suppose you’re selling your utilized car. It might be hard to recall each and every insight regarding it, so accept this open door to check your log card and cross-allude to it to ensure that you list down the subtleties effectively.

There are times when a few purchasers might be wary when purchasing a trade-in vehicle. They might need to see a duplicate of your log card before they choose if they at last need to buy your vehicle.

  • Private Vehicle To A Commercial Vehicle

With the progression in innovation in the ongoing years, an ever-increasing number of individuals are accepting private-employ vehicles as their primary method of transportation. In addition to the fact that this makes it progressively helpful for adolescents to travel, drivers of these cars can win some extra income.

On the off chance that you are pondering giving private-recruit services, you would need to change over your private vehicle to a Z10/Z11 characterization. All you need to do after that is make an installment of S$100 and find a decent commercial protection plan.

To enlist with companies, for example, Grab and Gojek, you would require a duplicate of your vehicle log card to complete your application.

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