Understanding How Car Depreciation Works

Understanding How Car Depreciation Works

At the point when you purchase another used car, it is important to think about the yearly depreciation of the vehicle. This depreciation will show you the genuine cost of owning and working the vehicle on a yearly premise, notwithstanding the costs of gas and support. This idea is important to comprehend as it impacts the estimation of your car and at last the amount you can procure by selling your car in the used car market. The formula for calculating car depreciation is shown below.

  • Yearly Depreciation = (Total cost of Vehicle – Sale Value of Vehicle)/Number of Years in Service

For instance, a vehicle that is purchased for S$10,000 and sold for S$2,000 in 10 years would have a yearly car depreciation of S$800.

  • (S$ 10,000 – S$ 2,000)/10 years = $800 yearly depreciation.

In Singapore, nonetheless, the process of calculating vehicle devaluation is progressively confused. There are significant duties and charges related to owning and working a vehicle on the island. Subsequently, there are various other important costs to remember for the Total Cost of the Vehicle calculation shown above.

Certificate Of Entitlement

As the 29th most densely populated nation on the planet, stuffing in the roads is a significant worry for the Singaporean government. With this is mind, the legislature of Singapore instituted a quantity framework in 1990 which manages what number of vehicles are in procedure on the island. To sum up, the framework requires car owners to offer on a Certificate of Entitlement (COE) to reserve the privilege to enlist, own and utilize their vehicle inside Singapore for a long time.

While most countries have a comparative enlistment framework for vehicles, Singapore is uncommon in that the cost of a Certificate of Entitlement can be gigantic. This is on the grounds that COE is sold on a bartering premise, and the appeal for car ownership and the ensuing rivalry for CEOs have driven up their costs.

When the COE closes following a 10-year time frame, the owner must choose to renew the COE at the new current costs or scrap the used car. This COE has no resale value towards the end of the 10-year time frame, making it a genuine wasting resource. On the off chance that a vehicle is scrapped before the 10-year COE period finishing, a refund for any unused time will be paid to the owner of the COE. This refund is star appraised, implying that a vehicle utilized for just 50% of the COE time span (5 years) will get a large portion of the COE cost back.

Stage 1: Know The OMV

The OMV, or Open Market Value, of a vehicle, is assessed by Singapore Customs as the vehicle enters the nation. This worth incorporates the purchase cost of the vehicle, transportation, and some other charges remembered for the conveyance of the vehicle to Singapore.


Stage 2: Determine The RF And ARF

RF represents Registration Fee and ARF represents the Additional Registration Fee. Consider these things burdens on enlisting a vehicle in Singapore. While the RF is a level charge of $140, there is currently a layered ARF framework for vehicles enrolled with CEOs, which can be a gigantic sum. ARF depends on the OMV of the vehicle and reaches from 100% to 180% of your car’s worth. Together, COE and ARF are the principal reasons why cars are so costly in Singapore.

Open Market Value (OMV) Additional Registration Fee
First $20,000 100% of OMV
$20,001 to $ 50,000 140% of OMV
+$50,001 180% of OMV

Stage 3: Determine The PARF

At the point when the car is de-registered and scrapped toward the finish of the 10 year time frame, a Preferential Additional Registration Fee (PARF) can be gotten from the Land Transport Authority of Singapore. This is a sliding scale that depends on the age of the vehicle when it is de-registered and scrapped for cash.

Time of Vehicle PARF Rebate
5 Years or Less 75% of ARF
5 – 6 Years 70% of ARF
6 – 7 Years 65% of ARF
7 – 8 Years 60% of ARF
8 – 9 Years 55% of ARF
9 – 10 Years 50% of ARF
10 Years or older Not qualified for a refund

The Table Shown Is From The Land Transport Authority


Assembling It All

As we referenced, car depreciation is calculated with the accompanying formula:

Yearly Car Depreciation = (Total cost of Vehicle – Sale Value of Vehicle)/Number of Years in Service

In Singapore, it is basic to incorporate the cost of the COE, RF, and ARF in the Total Cost of the Vehicle. Similarly as important, any PARF installment which is gotten ought to be added to the Sale Value of the Vehicle. By putting these things together, you can make sense of the genuine cost of owning and working a vehicle.

This information can be particularly significant for new or used car purchasers who are thinking about purchasing a car with assistance of financing for car credits. In addition to the fact that you should ensure you can stand to make the month to month reimbursements to the bank, you ought to likewise know about how a lot (or little) you can recoup when you wind up selling the car with the goal that you can utilize the returns to take care of your outstanding principal.

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