Top 10 Car Accident Reasons In Singapore

Top 10 Car Accidents Reasons

Car accident comes in all shapes and sizes. Also, seriousness. Some are actually what it is – unadulterated accidents, while some could have been maintained a strategic distance from for example closely following or aggressive driving. In any case, there’s one closeness among them everything: it can happen whenever, regardless of whether you anticipate it or not.

Which carries us to the importance of getting the privilege car insurance. It may be mandatory for all drivers to be insured; however, the ball is in your court with regards to picking one with the ideal statement. At times, it may not be your issue in an car accident, however, you’re as yet obligated for example a chain accident. That is when car insurance is particularly important.

Here are 10 basic reasons for car accidents, the punishments on the off chance that you were seen as causing the car accident, and furthermore whether you’re secured by car insurance. Watch out for these when you’re driving on the road.

  1. Driving Under Alcohol Influence

In the event that it’s any sign, the police roadblocks set up past 12 PM appear to be disclosed to us that drink driving is one of the most well-known reasons for car accidents. In an intoxicated express, the threat lies in decreased response time and helpless vision.

Do take note of that driving while you’re drowsy can be as perilous as drink driving! In spite of the fact that they’re no strict rules against lethargic driving, you’re putting yourself, your travelers, and others on the road in harm’s way. So drive just when you’re in the correct condition to drive.


In the event that you bomb the breathalyzer, your bone-made a beeline for drive home following a night out of tequila shots carries a fine of somewhere in the range of $1,000 and $5,000 or as long as a half year’s imprisonment. Contingent upon how much over the breaking point, you’ll likewise serve a driving suspension between a year to four years.


Not applicable on the off chance that you were seen as drink-driving. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you were struck by another driver who was under alcohol influence, ensure you make a police report when possible. Likewise, if that driver is in a tanked daze, evade direct commitment as much as possible and attempt to get different eyewitnesses to include an announcement for example different drivers, or tow car man.

  1. Messaging And GPS-Ing While Driving

Did you know road inattentiveness is the main source of traffic losses in Singapore? That is the reason messaging while at the same time driving is currently unlawful. It is likewise unlawful to be holding any sort of mobile gadgets while working an engine vehicle.

The inability to focus on the road isn’t simply restricted to messaging or calling; it could likewise be the situation of a haze sotong being excessively fascinated with the GPS. To put it plainly, it’s illicit to utilize a mobile gadget while your vehicle is moving, AND you’re holding the mobile gadget, AND taking part in any capacity of the mobile gadget.


The punishment is up to $1,000 in fines and imprisonment of as long as a half year, however, it relies upon the seriousness of harm you’ve caused.

Pause, can I at that point utilize my telephone when my car is halted at the red light?

technically, your car isn’t moving, so it is anything but a traffic offense to utilize your telephone at the red light. Notwithstanding, you might be occupied to such an extent that you missed the green light, and whenever you got, you might be at risk for the impediment of traffic or driving without sensible thought of different clients. On the off chance that you truly need to accept the call, at that point do it previously or after you drive, or utilize a sans hands accessory.


Not applicable on the off chance that you were utilizing your telephone while driving. If you somehow happened to get hit by another driver who was utilizing his telephone, it’s additionally difficult to demonstrate that he was in reality utilizing his telephone. So your smartest choice is to depend on encompassing cameras or your own to demonstrate that it was his shortcoming, in the event that you need to make a claim against him.

  1. Red Light Dashing

Golden is an admonition sign for drivers to slow down and stop, yet some drivers consider it to be a chance for them to accelerate and cross. This can be very perilous on the grounds that there may be crossing pedestrians or cars. It may spare you a couple of moments when you’re late for an important date, yet at what cost? Keep in mind: Better late than never.

What’s more, if expanding the punishment for traffic offenses like this one doesn’t prevent you from driving recklessly, maybe it’s ideal to remain off the roads.


The punishment for beating a red light is 12 fault focuses and a fine of $400. Furthermore, in case you’ve gotten for reckless driving, that is another 12 focuses. So in case you’re discovered beating two red lights in a night, you’ll have gotten 24 negative mark focuses and have your permit suspended.

In case you’ve gotten for reckless or risky driving and the subsequent car accident is so extreme, it very well may be a prompt suspension of your permit and possibly a prison term. So please stop at the golden lights.


Not applicable on the off chance that you beat the red light. There is no reason for beating the red light, and you may even be imperiling different cars or pedestrians on the road. In case you’re a terrible casualty, you’ll in all likelihood have the option to make a claim, yet you better expect that you’re perfectly healthy.

  1. Wet Weather

In wet climate conditions, the roads are extra elusive and permeability may be poor. On the off chance that easing back down isn’t actually in your word reference, you may discover yourself sliding and hammering into the neighboring cars. Regardless of how wonderful your car’s enemy of stopping mechanism is, it pays to be sheltered and simply goes a little slower when it pours.


There isn’t really a punishment for driving quick in the downpour, despite the fact that the standard speeding and hazardous driving punishments still apply. Taking into account that most cars will be now easing back down, you ought to as well.


IT DEPENDS on how you got into the car accident. By and large, you ought to be expanding your slowing down separation when roads are dangerous and permeability is poor. So on the off chance that you despite everything hammer into the car in front, or on the off chance that you get into a chain accident in the stormy climate, ensure you attempt to get all video proof to show that you took all measures to maintain a strategic distance from an accident, on the off chance that you need to successfully make a claim.

  1. Speeding

The PIE (or some other expressways or roads so far as that is concerned) isn’t the spot for you to play Vin Diesel and reenact the scenes from Fast and Furious. As a matter of first importance, your recklessness is imperiling the lives of the considerable number of drivers sharing the roads with you. Second, you can lose your licenses on the off chance that you accumulate 24 bad mark focuses.


The punishment for speeding changes on how much over as far as possible you were gotten. In the event that you surpass as far as possible by 1km/h to 40km/h, the fine ranges from $hid to $240, with a punishment of somewhere in the range of 4 and 10 negative mark focuses.

Be that as it may, in the event that you surpass as far as possible by more than 40km/h, it very well may be a straight suspension of your permit with possible imprisonment for speeding, yet in addition for different reasons like reckless driving, and driving without thought for other road clients.


In case you’re not excessively speeding, you may in any case have the option to make a claim in the event that you can legitimize that the car accident was not because of your shortcoming. There’ll be no reasons in case you’re speedingly excessively. On the off chance that you get into an accident with a speeding driver, attempt to get all video proof from your car or encompassing road cameras to help your case for a claim.

  1. Not Signaling When Changing Lanes

Changing paths is only a simple matter of signaling, checking the mirrors and your vulnerable side, and afterward doing the switch. Some drivers like to avoid all the problems and wander across paths.

Accidents could likewise emerge in light of the fact that a driver neglects to check his vulnerable side and depending just on the mirrors. signaling isn’t intended for yourself, however for different drivers to know about your aims, so regardless of whether you neglect to check your vulnerable side, he may have watched out for you on the grounds that your signal light is on.


The punishment is a $70 fine and an admonition. Also, now and then it very well may be cruel on the grounds that you may have recently made a left turn and you have to channel to one side most path rapidly. Nevertheless, attempt to signal your goals as best as possible and you ought to be fine.


Not applicable on the off chance that you were shown to have neglected to signal while changing paths. On the off chance that you get into an accident and the other party has video proof that you didn’t drive securely and that you neglected to signal, the chances are against you. Additionally, if another driver neglects to see you on the catch unaware, cuts into your path and causes a car accident, you should attempt to depict the circumstance and show the purpose of impact to put forth your defense (on the off chance that you don’t have an in-car camera).

  1. Road Bullies

From what we’ve watched, Singapore has a lot of irate drivers and road politeness is one territory that can be inconceivably improved. Regardless of whether you’re a casualty or a road domineering jerk, take the high road and move on. Is it extremely worth experiencing extremely popular and disatisfactions and wind up acquiring money related and physical costs from a car accident?


There isn’t actually a punishment for road aggression, yet you most likely would have seen a few recordings shared online that included reckless driving. This kind of self-policing is the fierceness nowadays, and you should attempt to abstain from being trapped in one of these recordings.

Likewise, in case you’re seen as driving without due care and thought for other road clients, you can be fined up to $1,000 and imprisoned as long as a half year.


IT DEPENDS. In case you’re the aggressor and there’s adequate video proof, you most likely can’t make any claims. In like manner, in case you’re forced to bear a road domineering jerk, you better expect that your in-car camera is working.

  1. Befuddling Roads

It takes two hands to applaud. Human misconception causes car accidents, yet so does severely differentiated reroutes. Also, roundabouts. Sharp curves. All these are aggravated in any event, during late evening driving when perceivability is significantly decreased.

Consider taking an elective course on the off chance that you find out about roadworks or tree pruning on the radio. Revive your option to proceed with rules. Slow down before a precarious bend. Hasn’t anybody told you it’s in every case better to be protected?


There isn’t a punishment for driving in a confounded way. It might be a direct result of the driver, yet it may likewise be a result of an ineffectively designed road. Slow down, give way, and attempt to be additionally understanding with regards to exploring these questionable roads; everybody simply needs to return home toward the day’s end.


IT DEPENDS. At times it’s nobody’s deficiency at all for accidents. In these cases, attempt to show the full circumstance and give an intensive proclamation when making your insurance claims. The more clear the image, with supporting proof, the better your chances of successfully making a claim.

  1. Car Defects

Car technology has never been progressively impressive. Only check out our rundown of coolest high tech cars and you’ll comprehend. Nonetheless, technology isn’t great. We’ve seen the motoring business go swirling over the huge car reviews in light of faulty airbags. car deformities are something out of your control, however, you should at present do your part on things you can control, such as keeping up your brake liquids.


It’s unlawful to drive a deregistered vehicle for example you deregister it after the COE lapses toward the finish of 10 years. Be that as it may, if the car is ensured to be on the road, and you don’t realize that there is a deformity, at that point, it’s not so much your issue.


IT DEPENDS. In the event that the car is broken and is too risky to possibly be driven, you should stop it along the edge of the road and require a tow truck. In case you’ve gotten totally ignorant, and some way or another the wheel takes over by itself, or if the brake breakdowns, these can at present be claimed. Notwithstanding, the chances of these happening are uncommon, taking into account that all cars in Singapore need to pass yearly assessments to ensure that they’re alright for driving on the roads.

  1. Flippant Pedestrians

At times, the groups can be uninformed of the traffic. Particularly in occupied regions like Orchard road, a mass of crazed pedestrians crossing the road without caring the slightest bit about their own lives isn’t unexpected. Indeed, even in the peaceful heartlands, you very well might witness one occupied pedestrian crossing the traffic intersection when the pedestrian light is red.


There aren’t strict punishments particularly in case you’re not to blame. Nevertheless, you’ll be blame stricken forever, and it’s most likely something you need to maintain a strategic distance from as much as possible.


Taking into account that most Singaporeans are sheltered, and they won’t hop onto your hood to claim that you thumped into them, you’ll presumably not run into circumstances in case you’re a safe driver. Nevertheless, on the off chance that you happen to crash into an untrustworthy pedestrian, stop and ensure he’s alright, and make to make the necessary reports if he’s definitely not.

The most exceedingly terrible thing that can happen is that you drive off and permit yourself to be named an attempt at manslaughter. There’ll be no chance you can win the case and he can likely make all the clinical claims against you at that point.

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