Hidden Costs In Owning A Car In Singapore

Full Costs In Owning A Car In Singapore

To see whether you’re truly prepared for life on four wheels, follow our profound jump into the running costs, hidden costs, and everything in the middle. Cars in Singapore are broadly costly. Other than the strangely inflated selling costs, there is likewise an entire rundown of different costs engaged with keeping your car. Here’s our breakdown of the amount it costs to keep a car in Singapore.


Comprehending Car Costs

We will be taking a gander at a lot of numbers in this article. To ensure we don’t get lost, it’s useful to sort out car costs into the accompanying breakdown:

  • Purchase costs: What you need to pay when you purchase the car.
  • Maintenance/running costs: Expenses caused in the day by day use and intermittent upkeep of your car.
  • Hidden costs: These are not promptly self-evident, such as stopping charges, however, you’d need to know about them.
  • Average yearly cost of keeping a car: We finish the enchantment number for you in the wake of bringing everything into account.

Purchase Costs Are Comprised Of The Accompanying:

  • Purchase cost of the car
  • Car loan interest
  • License plate number
  • In-vehicle unit

How about we investigate every one closely.

The purchase cost of Honda Jazz 1.3.

Open Market Value (OMV)


Enrollment Fee


Extra Registration Fee (ARF)

$16,293 (100% of OMV)

Extract Duty

$3,258 (20% of OMV)

Products and Enterprises Tax

$1,368 (7% on OMV and Excise Duty)

Authentication of Entitlement

$32,875 (Cat A, March 2020)

Vehicular Emissions Scheme

-$10,000 (Band A2)



Dealer’s Package


At the hour of composing, the dealership’s bundle for the Honda Jazz 1.3 costs $69,999. In the examination, costs for the Honda Jazz 1.5 (an all the more impressive variation) begins from RM75,000 (or generally $25,000 SGD) in Malaysia. Why the enormous distinction?

Indeed, as should be obvious from the table above, there is an entire rundown of surcharges and charges related to buying another car in Singapore. These charges are presented with the point of keeping the number of vehicles on Singapore’s roads down to a reasonable number. All things considered, progressively cars methods more cash spent on infrastructure costs, for example, roads, carparks, expressways and petroleum stands, traffic blockage issues, and more elevated levels of air contamination.

How about we immediately go through all these to comprehend what you’re paying for.

  1. Open Market Value (OMV)

This alludes to the estimation of the vehicle on the open market. As such, it’s the selling cost of the car, preceding expenses, and surcharges. For our Honda Jazz model, the car is esteemed at $16,293 at the hour of composing.


  1. Registration Fee

All new cars should pay an expense for enlistment, which is at present labeled at $220 per vehicle.


  1. Additional Registration Fee (ARF)

The ARF is calculated dependent on the OMV of your car. Thus, the more significant your car is, the more you’ll need to pay in ARF.

Here’s The ARF Table:

OMV of vehicle

ARF rate (% of OMV)

First $20,000


Next $30,000 (i.e., $20,001 to $50,000)


More than $50,000


In our model, our Honda Jazz’s OMV is $16,293, less than $20,000. Thus, we just need to pay the primary level of ARF, which is 100% of OMV, or $16,293.

Presently, on the off chance that the OMV of our vehicle is higher, state, $25,000, at that point we would have needed to pay two levels of ARF, accordingly:

Level 1: 100% of OMV on first $20,000 = $25,000

Level 2: 140% of OMV on next $5,000 = $7,000

Complete ARF = $32,000

Envision what happens when our car’s OMV surpasses $50,000.


  1. Excise Duty

Like tobacco and alcohol, the Singapore government charges an assessment of cars imported into Singapore. Extract obligations are charged at a standard 20% of the OMV.


  1. Goods And Services Tax

And afterward, there’s acceptable old GST, which is (fortunately) charged just on the OMV and the Excise Duty. We shiver to think if GST was charged on the general purchase cost.


  1. Certificate Of Entitlement (COE)

What’s more, contributing the most to the inflated cost (for lower valued vehicles in any case) is the COE, which is an exceptional permit that qualifies you for own a car in Singapore for a time of 10 years. The COE rate is controlled by open offering sessions, which are led two times every month.

CEOs are gathered into 5 classes according to motor limit and additionally vehicle type, with an end goal to accomplish increasingly granular authority over the number and kind of vehicles employing our roads.

Category A

Car up to 1,600cc and 97kW

Category B

Car above 1,600cc or 97kW

Category C

Goods vehicle and transport

Category D


Category E

Open – all with the exception of bike

For Honda Jazz, the engine capacity limit is less than 1,600 cc, which implies the COE you’ll have to offer for falls into Category A, which costs $32,875 at the hour of composing.


  1. Vehicular Emissions Scheme (Ves)

To empower the ownership of all the more earth cordial cars, the VES includes either a discount or a surcharge to the purchase cost. Your proposed model is tried on emanation levels of five air toxins (carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxides, nitrogen oxides, and particulate issue), and assigned a band dependent on the most exceedingly awful performing contamination.

Vehicles that create less of these poisons meet all requirements for a discount (either $10,000 or $20,000). Those that don’t meet the discharges levels don’t get the opportunity to appreciate a refund. Also, vehicles that surpass contamination thresholds really bring about a surcharge of up to $20,000.

For our model, the seller discloses to us that the Honda Jazz 1.3 fits the bill for a $10,000 discount under VES, which is applied to the ARF.

VES in any case, car owners are required to pay at least $5,000 in ARF.


  1. Dealer’s Bundle

Our calculations put the all-out purchase cost of the Honda Jazz at only marginally over $60,000. Be that as it may, the vendor’s bundle publicized is $69,999. What’s the explanation behind the distinction?

Likely, the vendor’s bundle incorporates a markup to cover their own costs. It is regular for this markup to go from 15% as far as possible up to half for extravagance models.


  1. Car Loan Interest

Almost certainly, you will be taking out a car credit to pay for the purchase of your vehicle, which implies you’ll have to cover the interest charges too.

Here are the car advance guidelines in Singapore, according to the MAS.

OMV of vehicle

Maximum advance sum (% of purchase price)

Maximum credit residency

Up to $20,000


7 years

$20,000 or more


7 years

So by and by, for our model car, we would have the option to acquire up to 70% of $60,307 for as long as 7 years.

Suppose we acquire 70% of $60,000 ($42,000), the absolute reimbursement comes up to $50,173. This implies we would need to pay $8,173 in intrigue.


  1. License Plate Number

Each vehicle in Singapore needs to have a substantial vehicle enlistment number (AKA tag number). The LTA will consequently assign a number with the expectation of complimentary when you register your vehicle. You can likewise select to hold your current tag number.

In the event that you need a particular tag number, you’ll have to offer for it. Offering costs at any rate $1,000 directly out of the entryway. On the off chance that you’re interested, the most costly tag number in Singapore was sold for $335,000 (not a grammatical mistake) — that is sufficient to purchase a whole HDB level.


  1. In-Vehicle Unit (IU)

Something else you’ll have to introduce in your new car preceding you can begin driving it is the In-Vehicle Unit, a card-peruser which lets you pay for ERP charges and leaving expenses. The cost of introducing one is $155.80 (comprehensive of GST).


Maintenance And Running Costs

Other than the forthright purchase cost, driving your car will likewise bring about maintenance and running costs. We’ve summed up the absolute most normal ones in the table beneath.


Normal Month To Month Cost

Average Yearly Cost










Road Tax












  1. Petrol

To calculate the amount you’ll spend on petroleum, we should utilize the accompanying suspicions:

  • Average yearly separation driven per car = 17,500km
  • Average petroleum cost per liter = $2.08
  • Fuel consumption of Honda Jazz 1.3 = 5.1l/100km
  • Annual petroleum cost = $1,856.40

These hidden costs ultimately depends on the distance you travel daily, and the fuel consumption rate of your car. 

  1. Parking

Parking charges in Singapore can change, contingent upon where and when you park. For simplicity, we should accept you overdo it on the absolute best of HDB stopping for your gleaming new Honda Jazz: $110 every month for shielded stopping in a multi-story carpark.


HDB Carparks

Day rates

$1.20 every hour (outside focal region)

$2.40 every hour (inside focal area)

$2 to $4 every hour

Overnight rates


Season parking

$80 to $110 per month

  1. Electronic Road Pricing (ERP)

In spite of the fact that ERP has been suspended considering COVID-19, typical rates are between $3 to $6 per charge for influenced roads driving into and coming out from influenced districts. As ERP is practically reliant on your driving propensities, you will not have to spend anything in this classification. Notwithstanding, for contention, we’ll set an ERP financial plan of $30 every month. If you are able to make the effort to avoid peak hours or expressways, you can be sure to save on this hidden cost. 


  1. Road Tax

You should pay road tax half annually or annually. The sum you should pay relies upon the motor limit of your vehicle.

Utilizing this calculator, we decided the road tax payable for our Honda Jazz: $289 at regular intervals, or $578 every year.


  1. Insurance

It is illicit to drive without legitimate driver’s insurance so don’t attempt to pull off not paying it. By and large, youthful, male drivers are punished all the more intensely, as they are seen to be the most hazardous drivers on the road. older, increasingly experienced drivers, for the most part, pay less insurance, and obviously, having an impeccable driving record will concede you the best rates.

For the purpose of the outline, we’ll accept the driver of our Honda Jazz is a 35-year-old male with 5 years of driving experience. Online statements place our insurance at between $1,100 to $2,000 every year. We’ll go with the center of-the-road pace of $1,600 every year.


  1. Maintenance

So as to forestall difficult issues and ensure smooth and effective running, you’ll have to send your vehicle into the workshop for ordinary support. How frequently you’ll have to do this relies upon the car make and model, however, a general dependable guideline demonstrates overhauling once at regular intervals or 10,000 km, whichever starts things out. This hidden costs are often not calculated as it always depends on the model of the car, and how old it is, but can be very expensive to pay for. 

For our Honda Jazz, general upkeep costs $295.73 per session, according to Honda’s site.


Hidden Costs

Speeding, illicit stopping, neglecting to utilize appropriate turn signals, and in any event, utilizing your mobile while driving — these are only a portion of the regular driving offenses or hidden costs that you may need to pay in case you’re not careful.

In case you’re gotten, not exclusively will you be given demerit points, you may likewise be approached to pay a fine. Contingent upon seriousness, these fines run from $100 to $400. Be that as it may, genuine infringement will gain you a trip to court, where you can anticipate heftier fines and even prison time. Of course, these hidden costs can be avoided if you do not violate any traffic rules. 


You might know that owning a vehicle is an obligation. The estimation of your car depreciates each year. By and large, the life expectancy of a car in Singapore is around 10 years, the same as that of a COE. There are punishments in the event that you need to keep your car for over 10 years, (for example, expanded road assessment, for one), yet giving up your car preceding that will net you a few returns.

Recall the ARF (Additional Registration Fee)? On the off chance that you deregister your vehicle between years 5 and 10, you’ll get back a part of what you paid for the ARF as the Preferential Additional Registration Fee (PARF) Rebate.

Here’s the amount you can hope to get back.

Time Of Vehicle At Deregistration

PARF Rebate (% Of ARF Paid)

5 years


6 years


7 years


8 years


9 years


Over 9 years yet less than 10 years


Over 10 years


You can likewise recover any remaining COE at the time you deregister your vehicle. The returns of this can be applied towards the enrollment of another vehicle, moved to another driver, or encashed.


What Is The Yearly Normal Cost Of Owning A Vehicle In Singapore?

We should discover the amount it will cost us every year on normal to own our Honda Jazz.

Yearly Normal Cost

Month to month advance portion: $597


Upkeep and running costs


Less PARF refund (Year 9)




We mustn’t overlook our one-time cost, to all the more likely gauge the primary year upkeep:

One Time Costs

Deposit (30% of purchase price)


In-vehicle unit


Tag number (Bidded)




There you have it, the total costs and hidden cost for a car’s upkeep in a year. Try not to be overlooking that this figure is determined utilizing a Honda Jazz 1.3, and this is probably going to be an underestimation on the off chance that you are peering toward a mainland car or an electric model.

Source: singsaver

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